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A college education consists of more than classes. Co-curriculars are an important part of Martin Luther College's culture, and almost every student is involved in a campus team, organization, or club.

Co-curriculars not only help you meet people and have fun, they help you discover and develop your gifts—gifts you’ll use in ministry. Once you graduate, you may be asked to coach a sport, direct a play, lead a meeting, conduct a choir, or organize a church event. Your co-curricular experiences at Martin Luther College will have provided just the practice you need.

“Basketball has taught me responsibility and leadership. My team depends on me. Being a responsible leader will be very important when I have my own classroom someday too. I'll have to set a good example for the kids as I teach them. The kids—and the parents and faculty—will be depending on me.” Brian Gephart, MLC 2009, Secondary Ed-Math


You may participate in both intercollegiate and intramural competition.

Student Leadership Organizations

If you like to lead or serve—or both—then run for Student Senate. They organize events large and small: from Homecoming and Winter Carnival to a campus obstacle course to a night at the Metrodome or Guthrie Theater. Or join Dorm Council or Intramural Board.

The Forum: Drama

We have a rich tradition of drama here, having staged musicals and plays for 100+ years. The Forum, the student-led drama club, produces a fall musical, winter play, Readers’ Theater, outdoor Classical Theater (usually Shakespeare), and Children’s Theater. You can act, sing, sew costumes, paint sets, or even direct a show.


Music is important in the Lutheran church, and it’s important at our college too. The College Choir, College Chorale, Men’s Choir, Women’s Choir, and Band are all for-credit courses, but you may audition for them even if you’re not a music major.

Any student may take voice, piano, organ, or instrumental lessons, as well as join pep band, jazz band, instrumental ensembles, and handbells.

Daylight: Service Opportunities

At MLC, you not only prepare for ministry, you "do" ministry. Our Daylight program allows you to share the light of the gospel and let your light shine through service. In the last seven years, over 1200 students have volunteered through Daylight USA to canvass, teach VBS, assist at worship, aid victims of natural disasters, and more. Through Daylight International, about 50 Knights teach overseas every year.

“The leadership of our congregation was so impressed by [the MLC students serving us through Daylight USA]. They took total control of our Vacation Bible School . . . They helped prepare Sunday school material to be used after they left. They even designed brochures for our preschool and congregation. The skill they showed in all these activities reflected very well on their training at MLC.” Pastor Brian Kom, Ascension, Rochester MN

Other MLC Organizations

  • Intramural Athletics
  • Student Government
  • Audio-Visual Services
  • Campus Tour Guides
  • Sign Language Club
  • Photography Team
  • Meet Math
  • Recruitment Hosts
  • Studium Excitare
  • Student Ambassadors