The mission of Martin Luther College is to train men and women to meet the public ministry needs of the Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod (WELS) and to proclaim the Word of God faithfully and in accord with the Lutheran Confessions in the Book of Concord. To fulfill this mission, Martin Luther College carries out all instruction and programs of student life according to the gospel as revealed in the inspired and inerrant Word of God.

With the guidance of the Holy Spirit, the college desires

  • To deepen in the student saving faith in the forgiving grace of Jesus Christ;
  • To strengthen the student in a consecrated spirit of love for God and his Word;
  • To foster in the student a servant’s heart for Christ-like service in the church, community, and world;
  • To educate the student for faithful, capable, and intelligent citizenship in today’s world;
  • To assist the student in acquiring the knowledge, attitudes, and skills needed for service in the church and for lifelong learning;
  • To help the student to develop the spiritual, emotional, and physical resiliency that will assist them to persevere in service under the cross; and
  • To provide for the student an affordable college experience on a beautiful and attractive campus.

To meet the current ministry needs of the WELS, Martin Luther College

  • Prepares men for pastoral training at Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary;
  • Prepares men and women for service as teachers and staff ministers in the synod’s churches, schools, and other institutions;
  • Prepares men and women for other public ministry in the church, both full- and part-time, responding to the needs of the WELS;
  • Prepares international students for ministry in partnership with WELS mission fields; and
  • Provides programs of professional and continuing education that meet the ministerial needs of the WELS.