Welcome to the Financial Aid Department!

Mission Statement

The Financial Aid Department at Martin Luther College seeks to serve the Lord by serving our students and their families. We are committed to helping students and parents with the application process, educating students and parents about available financial aid opportunities, providing clear and consistent communication, and maintaining high ethical and service standards. Learn more about MLC’s philosophy of financial assistance and student indebtedness by selecting the Read More option.

We are excited to introduce you to our financial literacy program: MLC Direction. Students and parents can learn more about our program and what services we offer.

“Seeing average people’s expenses was nice for me. It was great exposure, I personally also believe we should have more of this at MLC.”

“This was a great meeting because I was nervous but I was greatly helped.”

“I have options for future repayment and I have people I can contact that will help me if I have questions.”

“It’s good to have some sort of understanding of how to budget for the next few years.”

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