At Martin Luther College we take the time to personally consider each individual family’s financial circumstances.  The financial information reflected on the FAFSA may not be the best representation of your current financial situation. The Financial Aid Office provides a Special Circumstance Appeal process, which allows us to review changes to a family’s financial situation based on new information.

If one of the situations below applies to you or your family, please complete the appropriate Special Circumstances Form.

To securely supply requested documents to Martin Luther College, you may fax, mail, hand deliver, or use the secure transmission service available HERE (select the ‘Secure Upload’ option and follow the instructions).
For your safety, Martin Luther College requests that you DO NOT email documents.

  • Tuition Paid for Younger Sibling

    • If your family paid $1500 or more in private elementary or high school tuition for younger sibling(s) during the calendar year 2020, we will consider these payments.
      • Expenses paid by family between January 1 and December 31, 2020
      • Expenses for tuition only (EXCLUDES fees, books, room, board, etc.)
      • Does not include tuition for current MLC Student
      • Incomplete forms will not be processed
      • Submissions must be made using the official form/submissions of documents not using the form will not be considered (link to form below)

    Complete the Special Circumstances Form: Tuition Paid

  • Medical Expenses

    • If your family had high amounts of medical or dental expenses that were not covered by insurance or a health savings account, we may be able to consider these payments.
      • Expenses paid by family and not reimbursed by insurance or by employer’s pre-tax plan
      • Documentation showing the amount paid (out of pocket) must be provided.
      • As a guideline: It takes at least $5000 in medical expenses paid (for a family of 4) to provide eligibility for additional financial aid.

    Complete the Special Circumstances Form: Medical Expenses or Loss of Income

  • Loss of Income

    • If your family experienced a loss or reduction of income, we may be able to consider this situation.
      • Provide a written statement explaining the cause, approximate start date, and expected duration of the loss of income.
      • Since every situation is different, the Director of Financial Aid will contact you in order to confirm what specific additional documentation is required.   Provide your phone number on the Special Circumstances Form.

    Complete the Special Circumstances Form: Medical Expenses or Loss of Income

  • Dependency Override

    • Dependency override requests due to the student engaging in legal marriage after the student has submitted their FAFSA for a given academic year will NOT be considered.
    • In cases where a student is in an abusive family situation which creates extreme hardship preventing them from attending college, a dependency override may be considered.
    • Documented child abuse cases, release into DHS or court custody, or parental incarceration are examples of extreme situations that can be considered for an override.
    • Such situations must be documented by two non-family sources and must involve a total abandonment by the parents from all emotional, financial and physical support for the student.
      • PLEASE NOTE: Parental willingness to give information or financial help to student, whether or not the parents claim the student on their federal tax return, and whether or not the student lives with the parent DO NOT make a student eligible for a dependency override by themselves.

    For the complete policy on Dependency Overrides and instructions to submit an appeal: Dependency Override Policy and Instructions