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The Martin Luther College family thanks you for your generosity and rejoices in the Lord for your support. Your gifts further the mission of MLC and WELS as we train a core of Christian witnesses to proclaim the Word of God faithfully.

Giving to MLC Current Priorities (Operating) Fund will help us fulfill our mission: preparing a corps of Christian witnesses who can meet the ministry needs of WELS, primarily as pastors, teachers, and staff ministers.

MLC Operating Endowment Fund: Your donations will provide perpetual benefits to MLC as this fund grows and its proceeds supplement the MLC operating budget.

MLC Scholarship Fund (Financial Aid): Your donations will help ensure that students committed to ministerial training can attend MLC despite financial obstacles and can graduate from MLC without excessive debt.

MLC Scholarship Endowment Fund: Your donations will provide perpetual benefits to MLC as this fund grows and its proceeds supplement scholarships to MLC students.

MLC Congregational Partner Grant Program: Your donations will be used to match congregations’ gifts to MLC for their sons and daughters studying for the public ministry.

MLC Ministry Scholarships: Your donations will assist in providing scholarships to MLC students who have not received other specific merit-based scholarships even though they have demonstrated positive academic achievement. These students are nominated by the faculty because they exhibit fine potential for ministry through their campus citizenship and participation in programs and activities.

MLC Minnesota District Scholarship Fund: Your donations will encourage MN district students to pursue lifelong service to the Lord through public ministry and to help them enter the ministry with less debt.

MLC International Student Aid Fund: Your donations will help us train international students so the can take the gospel back to their own countries all over the world.

MLC Campus Enhancement: Your donations will help us maintain our campus facilities and conduct repairs and improvements as needed.

MLC Chinese Language: Your donations will help fund a Chinese Language minor for education majors and a non-biblical option for preseminary students.

MLC Urban Ministry: Your donations will assist in funding a new Urban Ministry minor to meet the need for more teachers qualified to teach in urban schools.

MLC Childhood Ministry: Your donations will be used where MLC needs them most for Early Childhood Ministry.

MLC Ladies’ Auxiliary – Your donations will be used to fund Auxiliary projects that have been submitted by MLC professors.

Many companies offer matching gifts if employees give to a non-profit or educational institution. Please check with your employer to see if such a program exists. If you have any questions at all, please call the MLC Mission Advancement Office at (507) 354-8221 ext. 295.

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Leave a Legacy

Michael Otterstatter, our Vice-President for Mission Advancement, will be happy to help you review your current estate planning documents or counsel you through preparation of new documents that will help you “create a legacy” for your family and the ministries you love. His services are at no cost to you, and any information shared during your work is confidential. Please contact our Mission Advancement Office at (507) 354-8221 or toll free at (877) MLC-1995 to set up a visit. Resource Development Counselor Kate Tohal is also available to answer your questions.

The MLC Support & Outreach Legacy Association (SOLA) consists of individuals who have invested in preparing and encouraging future pastors, teachers, and staff ministers through a deferred gift to Martin Luther College. Consider joining SOLA today!

We will tell the next generation the praiseworthy deeds of the Lord, his power and the wonders he has done. – Psalm 78:4