As family in Christ, MLC pursues excellence under the cross in
preparing called workers for our synod and its mission fields
around the world.

God loves us.

We pursue excellence under CHRIST’s cross as God’s fully loved children who know our heavenly Father is already perfectly pleased with us in Christ.

God gifts us.

We pursue EXCELLENCE under the cross by giving God the best his grace inspires in us with the unique talents he’s given each of us.

God emboldens us.

We pursue excellence under OUR OWN cross as we die to mediocrity and apathy and rise in Christ with the courage to take risks for the gospel.

We pursue excellence
under the cross as we
delight without apology
in being a confessional
Lutheran faith family whose defining mission
is to equip and support the current and future
generations of faithful
pastors, educators,
and staff ministers.

We pursue excellence
under the cross as we encourage spiritual and intellectual growth for
our entire family;
support the physical and
emotional health of each family member; and
engage gracefully in
difficult conversations
to move our
mission forward.

We pursue excellence
under the cross as we
strive to reflect the “every nation, tribe, people, and
language” reality of
God’s people (Re 7:9) by working to become a more welcoming home for students of all ages and backgrounds who have gifts for ministry.

We pursue excellence
under the cross as
we make MLC
significantly more
affordable without
sacrificing an excellent college experience on
a beautiful and
well-equipped campus.