*US Citizens

Apply for Financial Aid

Application Deadline 2021-2022: April 15, 2021

We understand that there are situations that impact family finances and are not reflected on the FAFSA.
Please review our policy on special circumstances and how to proceed with a request for a professional judgement.

To securely supply requested documents to Martin Luther College, you may fax, mail, hand deliver, or use the secure transmission service available HERE (select the ‘Secure Upload’ option and follow the instructions).
For your safety, Martin Luther College requests that you DO NOT email documents.

In order to apply for financial aid, please follow these two steps:

1: Fill out and submit the MLC Financial Aid Application 

*SALEM GRANT APPLICATIONS will be mailed to pastoral students in the spring.

FAFSA Basics Video

How to Complete the FAFSA Video


What if my FAFSA was selected for Verification?

The Federal government selects some FAFSA records for Verification. Verification is a Federally mandated process to confirm that the information on the FAFSA is correct. Log into your Net Partner account to see what information is needed.

Net Partner

Net Partner Puts You In Charge Of Your Information

By going to MLC Portal and the secure Net Partner site (aid.mlc-wels.edu), you will be able to access your financial aid online from anywhere in the world. Here are some things you can do:

  • View required documents needed to verify your FAFSA.
    When additional documents are needed, we send an email advising you to log in to Net Partner.
  • Print forms that need to be completed. The best way to submit documents is through our secure online website.
  • View the financial aid you are awarded.  We notify you by email that your aid is processed.
  • Accept loans by printing the Loan Request Form and completing the process outlined on the form.

Only students who have submitted a FAFSA will have an electronic account.
Net Partner will be available around March 1.
Net Partner does not include your Student Account information. Contact Financial Services regarding billing.

Working With Your Net Partner Account

Current Net Partner Users:

1. Enter your Social Security Number (without dashes) in the Student ID field

2. Enter the Password you created.
 If you’ve forgotten your Password, click on “Forgot your Password?” from the LOG IN box.

First-Time Net Partner Users:

1. Enter your Social Security Number (without dashes) in the Student ID field

2. Select First Time User

3. Enter requested information to Activate Your Account
     The slashes must be entered for your date of birth (example: 01/03/1995).
     The city you are from should match the information from the FAFSA.
     Set security questions (in case you forget your password).

4. Create your Password

You can now access your financial aid information.

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