What does it mean if I am selected for Verification?

Approximately 50% of students applying for financial aid at MLC are selected for the Verification process. Financial aid eligibility cannot be determined until the Verification process is completed.

  1. Students selected for Verification will receive an email from the Financial Aid office directing them to Net Partner.
  2. Net Partner will list any required document that must be submitted.
  3. Make sure to sign all of the required forms.
  4. Submit documents to the financial aid office.

Verifiying Tax Information

When a student’s record is selected for Verification, both the student’s and the parental income information must be reviewed. The easiest way to verify this is through the Data Retrieval Tool (DRT) but there are other options too:

1) If you already completed the FAFSA by copying your tax information from your tax return, you can still use the Data Retrieval Tool (DRT) through the FAFSA following the steps below:

  • Go to the Student Aid website
  • Log In with FSA ID username/password
  • Select Make FAFSA Correction
  • Go to the income section and use the Data Retrieval Tool (DRT)
  • Sign/Resubmit FAFSA

2) If you cannot use the DRT (married filing separate tax status) or do not wish to use the DRT, a Tax Return Transcript along with parent W2 forms are required to verify specific income information:

  • Request a copy of the Tax Return Transcript online through the IRS
  • Request a copy of the Tax Return Transcript by phone: 1.800.908.9946
  • Include all parent W2 forms
  • Submit documentation to us through our secure online system

3) If you are not able to get a copy of your Tax Transcript, you can also use a SIGNED copy of your federal tax return along with parent W2 forms:

  • Print a copy of the federal tax return
  • SIGN the 1040 form
  • Include all parent W2 forms
  • Submit documentation through our secure online system

Verifiying Household Information

Family information will need to be reviewed on the Verification Worksheet.

On the Verification Worksheet (printable from Net Partner if required), please indicate all the members living in the household:

  • Student
  • Parent(s) and/or step-parent(s)
  • Siblings – as long as they receive more than 50% of their support from the listed parent and/or step-parent

Minister of the Gospel

If your parent is a Minister of the Gospel we will need Tax Forms AND Additional Documents

Not all of the information we are required to review is imported through the Data Retrieval Tool.

Additional forms we will need:

  • FAFSA Housing Allowance Worksheet (from Net Partner)
  • All parent W2 forms
  • Tax Return Transcriptor– SIGNED copy of federal tax return (signed 1040 and ALL Schedules)
  • Submit documentation to us through our secure online system

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