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MLC Potential Transfer Equivalency

This page is intended to assist prospective students who have earned college credit from other institutions. The information provided is a guide to how those credits may transfer to MLC. The courses listed have been evaluated and have either been previously accepted or preapproved for transfer. If a course has been previously accepted, it does not guarantee that it will transfer in every case. The courses are listed here for informational purposes. The decision to transfer credits is evaluated on an individual basis. To receive a transcript evaluation, a potential student must have an accepted application to MLC and must submit an official transcript of all coursework (completed or in-progress) from all other institutions. 

To check if a course has been previously approved;

  1. scroll down to find the institutions where you have previously taken courses and 
  2. click on the link for the school
  3. Find the course that you took 

Some courses have notes attached. Click on the note icon to view detailed information about that course.

Not all approved transfer courses will apply to all programs at MLC. A prospective student should check the program plan for their intended program to see if an individual course will apply to their program. Program plans can be found under Academics on the MLC website.

This page is subject to frequent revision. Institutions and courses not listed here have not been previously evaluated. The Education or Pre-seminary Dean will evaluate courses as an application and official transcripts are received. Courses will then be added to this page once the evaluation is complete.