Students may choose to complete a minor along with the Elementary Education major.  Endorsement Minors can lead to a Minnesota licensure endorsement along with the K-6 elementary education license.  A listing of the minors and their courses follow.  Some minors may be completed during the regular semesters.  Other minors require additional summer session course work.

Theology Minor

Education students who complete the required theology courses automatically earn a theology minor.

Theology Minor – 18 credits
THE1001     Biblical History and Literature I
THE1002     Biblical History and Literature II
THE2001     Biblical History and Literature III
THE3001     Christian Doctrine I
THE3002     Christian Doctrine II
THE4001     Lutheran Confessional Writings

Endorsement Minors

Completion of an endorsement minor together with successful licensure examinations and student teaching at the seventh or eighth grade level qualifies graduates to add a 5-8 grade endorsement to the K-6 elementary education license.  The Spanish minor qualifies for a K-8 endorsement. The educational technology minor qualifies for a K-12 endorsement.

Communication Arts and Literature – 18 credits
ENG1303 Rhetoric and Composition
ENG130x     Literature Seminar (Choose one)

ENG1304 Literature Seminar: The Challenge of Faith
ENG1305 Literature Seminar:  Family and Identity
ENG1306 Literature Seminar: Leisure and Labor

ENG3010 American Minority Writers  (Intercultural Elective)
ENG3310 Interpersonal Communication
EDU3310 Adolescent Literature
ENG3322 Structure of English

Mathematics – 15 credits
MTH1011    Mathematics: A Human Endeavor
MTH2003    Elements of Mathematics
MTH2010    Calculus 1
MTH2020    Elementary Statistics
MTH2022    Discrete Mathematics

Science – 18 credits
EDU3241   Teaching Science Concepts
SCI1003     Biology
SCI1102     Physical Science
SCI2025     General Chemistry I
SCI4105     Science in Our Society
SCIxxxx       Life Science Elective  (Choose one)

SCI2015    Botany
SCI2020    Marine Ecology
SCI3003     Zoology

Social Studies – 18 credits
HIS2113     The Modern West
HIS3010     United States History Since 1945
SSC3210    World Regional Geography
HIS3024     United States Government
HIS3025     The American Scene to 1877
SSC3202    Principles of Economics

Spanish – 23 credits
EDU3352     Teaching World Languages and Culture (Intercultural Elective)
SPN2001     Intermediate Spanish I
SPN2002     Intermediate Spanish II
SPN2011     Intermediate Spanish III
SPN3001     Latin-American Culture & Civilization
SPN4011     Spanish Immersion  ( taken during summer session)

Computer, Keyboard, and Related Technology – 15 credits
EDU4210   Curriculum and Instruction in Elementary and Middle Schools
EDT2002   Emerging Technologies in Education
EDT3002   Teaching with Technology
EDT3004   Coordinating Technology in Education
EDT3007   Google Technologies in Education

Minors Without Endorsements

Since there are no Minnesota licensure endorsements in these areas, these minors do not qualify for a 5-8 grade endorsement.  These minors do build knowledge and skills that are especially useful in Lutheran schools.

Chinese – 17 credits
CHN1003     Elementary Chinese I
CHN1004     Elementary Chinese II
CHN2001     Intermediate Chinese I
CHN2002     Intermediate Chinese II
CHN4010     Chinese Immersion ( taken during summer session)

Coaching – 14 credits
PEDxxxx       Five Activity Courses
PED120x      First Aid
PED1301      Fitness For Life
EDU3225     Teaching Physical Education in Elementary School
PED2015      Coaching Theory
PED3004      Care and Prevention of Athletic Injuries
PED3006      Principles of Coaching
PED3007      Organization and Administration of Physical Education and Athletics

German – 15 credits
GER2001   Intermediate German I
GER2002   Intermediate German II
GER2011   Survey of Theological German
GER2012   Luther German
GER4010   German Immersion (taken during summer session)

Music – 17/18 credits
EDU3220       Teaching Music   or  EDU3221 Teaching Music in Elementary Schools
MUSxxxx       Choir – 1 semester (substitutes for 1 credit of Vocal/Choral requirement)
MUS1110      Sight Singing and Ear Training I  (substitutes for 1 credit of Vocal/Choral requirement)
MUS3201      Music History: Ancient Times through Baroque or MUS3202: Classical to Present  (Fine Arts Elect)
MUS3320      Music Technology
MUS2302      Introduction to Conducting & Rehearsal Techniques
MUS3101      Theory of Music I
MUS3102      Theory of Music II

Physical Education – 15 credits
EDU3225     Teaching Physical Education
PEDxxxx      Seven Activity Courses
PED120x     First Aid
PED1301     Fitness For Life
PED2010     Foundations of Physical Education
PED3002     Motor Learning
PED3008     Assessment and Evaluation in Physical Education

Urban Education Ministry – 23 credits
EDU2201       Introduction to Urban Education Ministry
EDU2401       Early Field Experience II (Urban Setting)
EDU2402       Exploring Urban Teaching Methods and Management (Summer Experience I)
EDU3250       Classroom Management and Teaching Strategies
EDU3401       Early Field Experience III (Urban Setting)
EDU3402       Advanced Urban Teaching Methods and Management (Summer Experience II)
EDU4253       Student Teaching in Elementary & Middle Schools I (Urban Setting)

Urban Education Ministry and Spanish – 24 credits

EDU2201       Introduction to Urban Education Ministry
EDU2402       Exploring Urban Teaching Methods and Management (Summer Experience I)
EDU3250       Classroom Management and Teaching Strategies
EDU3402       Advanced Urban Teaching Methods and Management (Summer Experience II)
SPN4011       Spanish Immersion
SPNxxxx        Any combination of Spanish courses

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