Students graduating with a major in educational studies earn a Bachelor of Science degree and are not eligible for a license or an assignment into the public ministry.

To meet individual needs and to ensure dedication to a plan of lifelong ministry service, a formal application process is required to complete an Educational Studies major.  Students can apply for this degree plan any time after completing the EFE I experience.  The application includes the reason for entering the major, a plan for completion, a statement of goals that includes lifelong service to the church, and a focused area of study.  The application is reviewed by the Vice President for Academics, the Education Dean, and the student’s advisor.  Students may appeal to modify the plan.  Appeals are heard by the same committee.

General Education – 38 Credits

Professional Education – 36 Credits       

Curriculum (3 cr)
Psychology (6 cr)
Education Courses, including EFE I – (15 cr)
Related Courses – related courses might include more EDUs or courses in practical theology (12 cr)

Other Requirements – 28 Credits       

Complete the Theology Minor – 9 cr
Subject Area Minor – 15 (+ ) cr
Technology – 2 cr
Music – 2 cr

Additional Credits – 28 credits

Total credits required for graduation – 130 credits