The Staff Ministry Program prepares students to become staff ministers (e.g., Minister of Family and Youth, Minister of Discipleship, Minister of Christian Education, etc.) for the congregations of the Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod. This program leads to the Bachelor of Science degree with a major in practical theology and provides students with a broad background in general education as well as professional courses and practical experiences designed to equip candidates with the competencies necessary to serve as staff ministers.  Students have the option of choosing the practical theology major alone (4 years) or adding a second major in either education or parish music (5 years). 

Staff Ministry Certification

Candidates who already hold a bachelor’s degree or who are thirty-five years of age or older may be granted certification for service in the WELS as a staff minister upon completion of the religion and professional components of the program. Click here for more information.

In addition to the general education courses, students must complete the required courses below.  Following the program plan will also ensure that the appropriate general education electives are taken.