Report the accident or injury to the MLC Nurse in person or via email.

-Schedule a time with the MLC Nurse to fill out Church Mutual insurance paperwork in the Health Services office (paperwork takes 5-10 minutes to complete)
-You (or your parents) will receive a letter from Church Mutual with information on your claim number, claim processor, and their contact information — SAVE this information
-The clinic or hospital should process your bills through your primary health insurance, like you would normally do for a doctor visit
-After your insurance company has paid all that they will pay, send the remaining balance, as shown on an explanation of benefits (EOB,) from your insurance company to your Church Mutual claim processor
-If you have questions as you are going through this process please contact the MLC Nurse, your Church Mutual claim processor, or

Church Mutual Insurance Company

PO Box 342

Merrill, WI  54452-0342


Fax #  715-539-4651