Stop by the laundry room and check out our NEW washers and dryers! The new equipment will provide better wash results. It is ENERGY STAR rated, with a high-speed spin that eliminates moisture to reduce energy and drying time. The machines are equipped with a digital display with more cycle options!

NEW: LaundryView Technology

Want to know when your washer is done so you don’t have to sit there and wait? Scan the QR code on the signs in your laundry room to receive a text message when your cycle is complete!

Be Green and Clean!

  • “Delicates/Cold” is the cold-water setting. An average washer uses 90% less energy when using cold water.
  • Save your soap! Two tablespoons of HE (High Efficiency) detergent is enough!
  • Use the cold-water setting to save energy and help the enviroment
  • Clean the dryer lint filter before and after each load
  • Be kind to your fellow students: remove your clothes promptly so others can use the machines.