• Student, Faculty and Staff directory information is available on the campus internet portal.
  • You can contact other students or members of the faculty and staff by phone, e-mail, or inter-campus letter mail.
  • Please remember that MLC personnel may contact you by campus mail, email and, in some cases, by SMS text messaging. Digital signage has also been installed in campus buildings.
  • MLC utilizes software from the Honeywell company – Instant Alert Plus – for emergency contact and communication needs.
  • MLC utilizes Google Mail for its email service. The service makes it relatively easy to find the addresses of campus users.  At the same time, MLC email addresses are relatively easy to construct:first 6 letters of last name + first & middle initials   @mlc-wels.edu
    example …   smithpk@mlc-wels.edu


The MLC Internet Portal provides students and faculty with a wealth of information about classes, schedules, room usage, class attendance and Master Calendar Information. Anyone with a network account can post news and announcement items on the portal.  At the bottom of the page click the submit news button and follow the directions.  The Student Life Office reviews and approves all postings.

If you read the MLC Portal, you will notice several links of interest to campus residents. The Rideshare link takes you to the page where students either ask for or offer rides to different locales.  The “Agora” [ Greek for ‘marketplace’ ] is a link to the page where students can sell or purchase personal items.  A Lost and Found link is also available for the use of our campus family.