MV’s are parked out-of-doors. MLC’s security patrol is there to help protect your vehicle from harm.  The school is not liable, however, for theft or damage.  You may seek such coverage with your MV insurance carrier.

If your car is damaged or vandalized (and this is not common), please report the incident to the VP for Student Life immediately.

Take measures against theft and vandalism. Always lock your car.  Place valuables (like stereo equipment, cds, etc.) in the trunk and not in view of passers-by.

Certain parking lots are located near the school’s baseball diamond. While metal backstops and screening has been istalled, on occasion an errant ball hits a vehicle.  Damage to a properly parked MV that results from a baseball thrown or hit during a school-scheduled practice or game should be reported immediately to the baseball coach, if possible, and also (not later than 10 days after the event) to the Financial Services Office.  The school will compensate for costs exceeding those covered by your own MV insurance.  Here is the procedure to follow for Vehicles damaged on campus:

Pick up a yellow accident report from the Financial Services Office and fill it out

Send the form to the Church Mutual Insurance Company (MLC’s carrier) along with a copy of your insurance company’s declaration page

File the claim with your own insurance company first…Church Mutual will pay the deductible charges or, if the damage is less than the deductible amount, they will pay your out of pocket expenses up to $500.

You will need to obtain estimates from two different repair shops.

If you have any questions, please see the helpful people in the Financial Services Office!