Furnishing Provided By MLC

  • The college provides each dormitory resident with a bed, mattress, study desk, chair, folding clothes space, and a closet or standing wardrobe.
  • Beds, lofts, desks and dressers may not be disassembled or moved out of the room. The furniture that MLC places in your room needs to stay in your room and stay in good condition.  Charges will be assessed those who disregard this policy and treat our furniture in an inappropriate way. 
  • Dormitory Room floors are tile or terrazzo or carpeted as follows:
    Concord Hall – tile     Augustana Hall – tile
    Centennial Hall – carpet      Summit Hall – some carpet, some terrazzo
  • Loft beds may be adjusted or lowered by maintenance personnel after student request (made to dorm supervisor)

Furnishing You Provide For Your Room

  • You are required to provide your own towels, mattress pad, and bedding. A failure to use a mattress pad will result in a fine.
  • You are also asked to provide a desk lamp and wastepaper basket.
  • Those desiring a bed rail should bring one that doesn’t attach to furniture, but is anchored under the mattress

In recent years it seems that more and more furniture, appliances, etc. find their way into dorm rooms.  This trend needs to be discouraged.  Please moderate and limit the number of large items you bring for your dorm room!!  The Dormitory Supervisors will have final say on what items “fit appropriately” in a dormitory room. If they deem an item too large, unsafe or in some way inappropriate, they will require the owner to remove it from the premises.

Things Allowed In Your Room

  • You may bring certain electrical appliances to your room, e.g., a fan, stereo, TV, VCR, computer, compact refrigerator (2 – 5 cu. ft.) & and low power microwave–1000 watts or lower.) Please note that each room may have only one refrigerator, TV and microwave.
  • Larger items of extra furniture (e.g., sofas, chairs, bookshelves) and rugs may also be brought, but they must be in good repair, clean, safe, and of a size that fits the room.
  • Freshmen often wonder about bringing carpets for their dorm rooms. For those who are interested, a typical Centennial Hall room has a floor area of approximately 9’ x 15’.  A room in Concord Hall has a floor area of approximately 11’ x 15’.  Students should remember that foam backed carpeting poses a fire and smoke hazard and is not allowed.

 Things Not Allowed In The Dormitories

  • You may not have in your possession alcohol, intoxicants or illegal drugs.
  • Please do not bring toasters or toaster ovens, crock-pots, electric frying pans, griddles, or grills, halogen bulb lamps, or other devices that generate high temperatures and might present fire or electrical hazards. Coffee makers are allowed.
  • Space heaters are not allowed in the dormitories.
  • Of course, dorm residents should not bring cats, dogs, hamsters, birds, chickens, ducks, fish, turtles, snakes, spiders or other pets to their rooms. In other words, NO PETS OR ANIMALS OF ANY KIND ARE ALLOWED IN THE DORMITORY.  
  • Fireworks, explosives and incendiary devices (including candles and incense) are not allowed in the dormitory or on MLC property.
  • Firearms and ammunition may not be kept in your personal possession.

Decorating Your Space

  • You may not attach anything to the surface of your dorm room walls, ceiling or door. Wooden strips have been installed in every dorm room.  You may use tacks (not nails!!) to put decorations, posters, etc. onto the wooden strips in your dorm room.
  • Choose your decorations in good taste. Post nothing that would offend your Lord or the common sense of an average Christian (which includes your mother, the dormitory supervisors, RAs, campus pastor and VP for Student Life.)
  • Sexually explicit, suggestive or lewd decorations are not allowed.
  • You may not display containers used for the storage or sale of intoxicating beverages or paraphernalia connected with the use of illegal drugs.
  • Posters/paraphernalia promoting beer or liquor may not dominate or highlight the decor of any room and are discouraged, generally. Such decorations would certainly be inappropriate for any student under the legal drinking age.  The dorm supervisor and VP for student Life will help you decide what is and is not permitted and their decisions will be final.
  • You may not display real Christmas evergreens because they are a fire hazard.
  • Your dormitory staff will conduct periodic (sometimes unannounced) room inspections and will help you with calls in judgment. In addition, you should expect your rooms to be inspected over major breaks to make sure that windows are closed and lights are turned off.