Not only is freedom of inquiry an essential aspect of our educational program, but as Christian teachers we encourage such freedom from a perspective that is consistent with our educational principles.

For the better understanding of ourselves, the human community at large, and the physical environment, we are encouraged, guided, and obligated by these principles to become knowledgeable about the peoples on earth, present and past, in respect to their thoughts and activities, their arts and sciences. We pursue these goals the better to appreciate the full range of the gifts with which the human race and this good earth have been endowed by the divine Creator. On the one hand, our principles allow and urge unrestricted freedom of inquiry; on the other hand, they disallow uninhibited freedom of expression of any and all kinds in our educational program. As Christians we recognize and know that genuine human freedom comes alone through Christ Jesus, who’s Spirit guides us through the Scriptures evaluating what is noble and beautiful, praiseworthy and pure, and mentally and emotionally wholesome.

In summary, therefore, we equate education with Christian education that views all learning and wisdom from the perspective of God’s will and in obedience to the Gospel of Jesus Christ as revealed in the Christian Scriptures.