Dormitory Common Areas

You and others in your dorm share the following…

  • toilet and shower facilities on your floor or wing.
  • lounges equipped with cable TV on some floors and in some basements.
  • a lobby for meeting and receiving guests.
  • a kitchen area with appliances.
  • vending machines for soft drinks and snacks.
  • large dumpsters parked out of doors for the disposal of trash.
  • a place to deposit recyclables.

The college provides general maintenance for common areas. Please do your part to keep common areas clean and in good order. Each student has this responsibility.

Your RAs, Dormitory Supervisor or Dormitory Council will deal with misuse of common areas and may assign dormitory duty to individuals or groups of students whose common areas are not maintained properly. Those who do not cooperate may be charged.

Dormitory Lock Up

Dormitories will be locked at all times. Students may enter only through those entrances equipped with electronic proximity card access.

You will receive an individualized proximity card which will allow you to have access to your particular dormitory. Each card is equipped with a chip that contains your particular identification and access information.  PLEASE DO NOT GIVE YOUR ID CARD TO OTHERS because doing so compromises the security of every resident of the dormitory.  Propping doors open is also an unsafe practice which is prohibited.

Damage done to doors and locks will be assessed to the residents of the particular dormitory in question if no one admits to causing the damage.

Open Dorm Regulations

You may visit a dormitory of the opposite sex at the following times…

  • Mon – Thur 7:30 PM until 10 PM
  • Friday from 7:30 PM until 12:00 midnight.
  • Saturday from 12:00 noon until 12:00 midnight.
  • Sunday from 1:00 PM until 10:00 PM

These set times may be shortened, but not lengthened by Dormitory Supervisors.
Please follow the outlined procedure when visiting during open dorm times

  • You must enter through the front entrance only.
  • If you attend MLC you must check in properly at the designated place in the dormitory’s lobby.
  • Non-MLC visitors must check in and show identification to the dorm staff person on duty.
  • Parents and other family members may enter the dorm during open dorm hours and are asked to check in.

The following CHECK OUT procedures must be followed…

  • Please sign-out according to the policy in your dormitory.
  • Exit through the dormitory’s front door.

Your CONDUCT during open dorm hours is to be above reproach.

  • You must leave the door of your room open when in mixed company.
  • You may expect and should welcome a visit by a member of the dormitory staff at any time during open dorm hours.

Violations of these Open Dorm policies will be treated as serious matters.

Overnight Guests

  • Occasional guests are welcome to stay overnight in your room, provided you register them with your dormitory supervisor beforehand.
  • Guests may purchase meals in the cafeteria.
  • Guests will abide by MLC campus guidelines. You are responsible for informing your guests of their responsibilities.
  • Failure to register a guest may result in a fine.
  • The dormitories are not motels. We kindly ask that parents refrain from using the dormitories when visiting their students.

Checking Out Of The Dormitory

At the end of the year students must check-out of the dormitory. Commencement and Assignment services make the last Saturday of the year extremely busy and hectic.  To facilitate students’ ability to move out in an orderly and timely manner, all belongings should be boxed and ready to pack-up by Friday evening.  The dorm staff will encourage students to abide by this deadline.

A member of the dorm staff will check a student’s room to see that it is clean and in good repair. Students who fail to go through the proper check-out procedure will be assessed a $100.00 charge.

Sometimes students leave school prior to the end of the year. In this case the student must also check-out of the dormitory by seeking the assistance of their dormitory supervisor.  He or she will inspect the room and make arrangement for the refund of deposit fees, etc.


Dormitories officially open for the general student population at 10 am on the Saturday before opening service in August and close at 5 PM on Graduation Day in spring. Early arrivals and late departures must be approved in advance by the VP for Student Life. Those approved to arrive early or depart late will be charged $15/night and this charge must be paid in advance to the dormitory supervisor.

Dormitories are closed during the Christmas holiday and the Spring Break. Only those students involved in the first year EFE week, student teaching or Intercollegiate Athletic Tournament Play may stay in the dormitory during Spring Break.  Any others who gain approval to depart late or arrive early will pay the $15/night fee.

Dormitories are normally closed during the Thanksgiving and Easter breaks and no meals are served in the cafeteria during that period of time. Those who have special circumstances may request to stay in the dorm over these shorter breaks, but should remember that they may only stay in the dorm if suitable facility supervision has been arranged by the VP for Student Life. Requests should be made with your dormitory supervisor.  Again the $15 nightly charge will apply.

After a break the dorms will normally open at 12 noon on the day before classes resume. [Inclement weather may necessitate modified arrangements, of course.]

Please note:

  • Students are encouraged to actually take a “break” and make arrangements to get away from campus over these holidays. If you can’t get to your own home, make plans to stay at the home of a friend or relative or roommate!
  • The $15/night fees associated with staying in the dormitories should be paid to the dorm supervisor in advance.
  • Those who desire to stay in the dormitory over a break for any reason must use the housing waiver application in order to gain approval.  This application form is available from the dorm supervisor, appropriate coaches or choir directors and needs to be returned to the dorm supervisor by the publicized date for his or her approval.