Cooperation in snow plowing efforts is a must! One person not cooperating makes efficient plowing difficult and costly–and often leaves a messy, slippery parking spot that someone else will have to put up with.  Cooperation in Snow Plowing efforts is a matter of kindness and consideration for others!

Snow plowing plans will be announced on the Campus Intranet Portal. An effort will also be made to announce snow plowing plans through signs and the use of our Honeywell Instant Alert message system.

You are responsible for knowing that a snow plowing event has been scheduled. Ignorance is not an excuse.

The college has coordinated snow removal with the City of New Ulm. During posted snow emergency times you may park your vehicle in a legal parking zone on city streets without being ticketed by the city or college. Out of consideration for our neighbors DO NOT PARK IN FRONT OF MAILBOXES OR BLOCK DRIVEWAYS.

Your schedule may not always permit you–personally–to move your vehicle during a snow plowing effort. IMPORTANT! Prepare for this by arranging for someone to move your vehicle for you.

Snow Plowing causes stress and effort for everyone — not only students! Please approach the whole situation with patience, understanding and a willingness to cooperate for the good of all!

Snow Plowing/Plowabration Guide

General Guidelines:

Please move your car to the street before 8 AM.

Please return your car to the parking lot no later than 6 PM the same day.

Snow Removal on Campus takes place over a 2 Day Period.
Here are the guidelines for Day 1 and Day 2

Day 1

You must move your car to the street if it is parked in the following lots:

  • Football Lot       (Football Symbol)
  • Diamond Lot   (Diamond Symbol)
  • Summit Lot    (Mountain Symbol)

Day 2

You must move your car to the street if it is parked in the following lots:

  • Concord/Augustana Lot (Star Symbol)
  • Chapel Lot (Cross Symbol)

Unmoved vehicles may be TOWED or ticketed at owner expense & liability !!!
A note to Commuter Students….Your lot may be ready for you to use by the time you arrive on campus…so continue to park as you would on normal days.

Some Snow Removal Questions

  1. What if you are sick or off-campus during the plowing time?
  2. Arrange for a back-up person to move your car.
  1. What if your car is suddenly unable to start?
  2. Report it IMMEDIATELY at the reception desk or the Student Life Office.
  1. What if your car remains “dead?”
  2. MLC policy requires that you maintain your car in running order during cold weather months. If your car remains dead it will have to be towed to a remote parking space at your expense.  You must make such arrangements with the VP for Student Life.
  1. “May I move my car to the city street the night before a snow emergency morning?”
  2. Yes. MLC schedules its snow removal efforts to follow those of the city, so that city streets should be useable by MLC students.

 One further note…Be careful not to park in front of one of our neighbor’s mailboxes!  If you do, the post office will not deliver that person’s mail.