School Closing Information

Hazardous winter weather is a fact of life here in the Upper Midwest. On occasion winter weather makes driving dangerous or impossible. When winter storms happen to coincide with major college breaks, there are bound to be problems and questions. What should students do? Should they drive through the storm? Should they stay at home and wait the storm out? Will there be classes according to schedule? Students and parents need to know the answers to these questions.

When winter storms occur, the college administration will try to decide whether or not to cancel classes by noon on the day before classes are scheduled to begin. If circumstances permit, such a decision may be made even earlier in the morning.

When the decision to cancel classes has been made, that message will be posted to the MLC Portal page ( ). The phone number for the college is 507-354-8221.

It is a good idea to write down a few college phone numbers and take them with you when you leave for break. Here are some suggestions:

  • Vice President for Student Life Jeff Schone 507-217-9764
  • Women’s Services Director Angela Scharf 507-276-7468
  • Concord Hall  Tutor Orie Thomford 507-766-4760
  • Summit Hall Tutor Philip Schroeder 507-766-2984

PLEASE NOTE –– When it comes to driving through winter storms or driving under dangerous winter road conditions, parents and students should always use their own prudence and reasoned judgment. The college and its administration will not tell anyone whether they should or should not travel under hazardous or questionable circumstances.