Fire & Burning Prohibited

You may not kindle a fire in your room under any circumstances. Fire laws prohibit such behavior.  This prohibition includes, but is not limited to, smoking cigarettes, striking matches, lighting candles and burning incense.  Violations of this safety policy will face penalties that may include dismissal from the college.  Please note, in this regard, that all residents of a room are responsible for what goes on in that room.

Anyone who covers up or hinders the operation of a dormitory smoke detector will be subject to an automatic $200 fine and places his enrollment at the college in jeopardy. This is a serious matter that will be dealt with in a serious way.

Taking Care Of Your Space

The college expects normal wear on the space and equipment which you use as a dormitory resident.

You and your roommate are expected to…

  • maintain a room environment that is clean and safe.
  • arrange your space to a level of orderliness that meets the approval of your resident assistant, your dormitory supervisor and the VP for Student Life.
  • remove waste and garbage to the dormitory’s dumpster regularly.
  • leave screens on windows at all times—NEVER take them off! Taking of a window screen will result in an automatic $50 fine.
  • keep hallways and common areas clear and clean. Dorm hallway floors must remain completely clear. This is not only an MLC policy, but is part of the Minnesota Fire Code.
  • Bicycles may not be stored in dormitory rooms or hallways. Whether in a designated bicycle room or outside, always use a bike lock to secure your bicycle.
  • Building your own lofts in dorm rooms is not permitted. “Construction work” of any kind is not permitted in any dormitory room.
  • Automotive repair work is not permitted in the dormitory.
  • Animal skinning, gutting or taxidermy work is not permitted in the dormitory.

When Damage Occurs

  • You are to immediately report any damage or breakage of school property to your RA or Dorm Supervisor. (Damaged and broken items will be repaired or replaced as soon as possible.)
  • School personnel will assess any damage and determine whether the damage is the result of normal use or whether the damage could have been avoided.
  • The cost of repair or replacement of school property will be charged to the person or persons responsible when breakage or damage was avoidable.
  • In the event that breakage or damage is not reported, the cost of repair or replacement will be assessed as follows…
  • to roommates when occurring in a room
  • to all residents on a wing or floor when occurring in common areas on that wing or floor
  • to all residents in the dormitory when occurring in areas common to all


  • PLEASE NOTE that the college carries no insurance to cover a student’s personal property. If damage occurs to personal property, for whatever reason, the liability rests solely with the student. The same holds true in cases of theft.