Bulletin board space is assigned for all classes and organizations of the college in the Wittenberg Collegiate Center. Space is assigned by the VP for Student Life.  Additional bulletin board space is available in the LSC.

Do not post notices on the walls or doors of the Wittenberg Collegiate Center (including Old Main), the MLC Library, the Music Center, the Music Hall or the cafeteria and gymnasium portions of the Luther Student Center.

Postings in the dormitories or the Luther Student Center are to be in good taste, are to be attached without damaging the surface or leaving a residue and are to be removed when out of date.



A regular, diverse program of student activities requires funding.  The MLC Administration seeks to provide modest funding for a wide variety of student activities via the general budget, and also works with the Student Senate to provide funding for groups and activities that are not identified or funded in the school’s budget.  The leaders and advisors of student groups or activities are encouraged to pursue funding through these means rather than through independent fundraising efforts.

In addition, service organizations, groups of students, faculty or staff, and even individuals at times desire to raise funds in support of worthwhile causes outside of MLC’s regular activities and operations (e.g., breast cancer research, charitable organizations, etc.) The college does not want to discourage these charitable efforts, but does want to regulate all associated fundraising activity with the good of the campus family, local community and overall constituency in mind.

MLC desires to maintain optimum, positive relations within our community and among our constituency.  In addition, MLC wants to prevent multiple fundraising efforts from burdening students and other members of the campus family.  For these reasons the college administration does not permit groups or individuals to carry out their own fundraising activities without permission of the Administrative Council. [The MLC Mission Advancement Office is excepted from this policy because it has been charged with the specific responsibility of raising money for the support of the college’s budget, programs, projects and activities. Even so, it is understood that MAO fundraising efforts outside of the normal visitation and solicitation work will also follow the procedures outlined below.]

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Policy and Procedure

Circumstances may move a group or individual to request permission for a specific fundraising project.  Those desiring to do so should make their request in writing to the MLC Administrative Council through the Vice president for Student Life. In the case of organizations under the direction of a department/division head, initial permission must be sought through that department/division.  If the case is supported, the department/division head will present the matter to the AC for approval through the Vice President for Student Life.

In its proposal the requesting party should…

  • Identify itself and its purpose
  • Describe the specific fundraising project being considered, including the details of how this fundraising project would be carried out:
    • Who will be solicited?
    • Type of solicitations used?
    • The financial goal for the solicitation?
    • How will funds be collected, stored, deposited, tracked and dispersed?
  • Explain why this fundraising effort is necessary and why funding can’t be obtained through officially established means. OR  …
  • Explain the rationale behind the fundraising effort—including the background and mission of any organization being supported—as well as the goals and outcomes of the effort.

The Vice president for Student Life will present the request to the Administrative Council for its consideration and will, in turn, communicate the Council’s decision to the requesting group.