Each student has a personal mailbox in the upper level of the Luther Student Center. Assigned mailbox numbers usually remain the same for the duration of a student’s college career.

Your mail should be addressed as follows:

Your name

MLC Mailbox Number

1995 Luther Court

New Ulm, MN 56073-3965

When a package arrives that is too large for your mailbox, you will be notified by a card placed in your mailbox. Pick-up times are posted, and there are usually opportunities to pick-up packages twice a day.

MLC does not hold mail or packages for students over the summer months.


The MLC receptionist (in the WCC administrative hallway) cashes checks of $50 or less (you need to present your student ID card.) Checks for larger amounts may be cashed at one of the New Ulm banks if a student opens an account.  Some banks cash personal checks for MLC students when they present their MLC ID card and another piece of identification.

Some businesses in New Ulm (e.g., Kwik Trip) operate no fee ATMs.

There is no ATM machine on campus.