A college education consists of more than classes. Co-curriculars are an important part of Martin Luther College’s culture, and almost every student is involved in a campus team, organization, or club.

Co-curriculars not only help you meet people and have fun, they help you discover and develop your gifts—gifts you’ll use in ministry. Once you graduate, you may be asked to coach a sport, direct a play, lead a meeting, conduct a choir, or organize a church event. Your co-curricular experiences at Martin Luther College will have provided just the practice you need.

“Basketball has taught me responsibility and leadership. My team depends on me. Being a responsible leader will be very important when I have my own classroom someday too. I’ll have to set a good example for the kids as I teach them. The kids—and the parents and faculty—will be depending on me.” Brian Gephart, MLC 2009, Secondary Ed-Math

Groups Organized and Approved by MLC

  • signing for the deaf
  • modern, spoken foreign languages
  • audio-visual service organization (AVCO)
  • art club
  • chapel committee (Pastor John Boeder serves as an advisor)
  • those interested in digital photography have opportunity to work with Professor Bill Pekrul on campus projects and needs
  • Anchor, is a group of students organized to provide service to the campus and community. Bill Pekrul serves as their advisor
  • Urban Ministry
  • Student Newspaper

Students interested in forming a school-approved activity may petition the VP for Student Life. He will review the activity, then at his discretion seek the appointment of a faculty advisor and grant provisional approval for one year. An approved student group can seek funding from the Student Senate.


Students are accountable for their behavior at private events and performances.

The VP for Student Life must be informed of student organized events well in advance. He will offer advice, counsel, encourage, and caution if necessary.

If students elect to perform in public as private individuals or as part of a private group (a musical band, for example) they should inform the Vice President for Student Life of their activities.