Forum is Martin Luther College’s student-led, directed, and produced theater organization. Forum consists of an executive board, faculty advisor, and of course all the students who dedicate their time, talents, and love of theater to make it all happen.

Tickets can be purchased at the door for all shows. Please call the box office at 507-225-0464 and leave a message for more information.

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Upcoming Productions

Readers’ Theatre: The Six Shooter

December 8-9, 7:30 pm & December 10, 2:00 pm (Auditorium)    

The Six Shooter was a weekly old-time radio program in the United States. In the radio drama James Stewart starred as Britt Ponset, a drifting cowboy in the final years of the Wild West. Episodes ranged from straight western drama to whimsical comedy. The episodes featured in this reader’s theater are “When The Shoe Doesn’t Fit- and “Britt Ponset’s Christmas Carol.” This action packed adventure is full of all the dramatics that the old west has to offer.

“You feeling lucky?”

Winter Play: The Crucible

February 8, 6:30 pm & February 9-10, 7:30 pm  (Auditorium)         

No one thought that a group of young girls could do so much damage. In 1692 Salem Massachusetts, however, the word of a few children can send you to court or even the gallows. When witch fever begins to sweep the town, it seems as though no one is safe from hanging. John Procter speaks out against the trials, but when Abigail – a young woman with whom he had an affair – accuses John’s wife of witchcraft things heat up. All this and more horrifying secrets are found in Arthur Miller’s The Crucible.

Children’s Theater: Cinderella and the Substitute Fairy Godmother

April 27-28, 7:30 pm (Auditorium)

Everyone at Fairy Godmother Headquarters is excited for the monumental Cinderella call, but when every single fairy godmother gets sick from food poisoning, who will be the one to help Cinderella? A substitute, Lucretia Fossilwart, is ready to step in, but she’s never been a real fairy godmother before! Will she be able to save the day with her errant, hilarious spells? Find out this spring at Cinderella and the Substitute Fairy Godmother, by Ed Monk.

This show is guaranteed fun for the whole family!