Local Phone Service

The vast majority of MLC students own and use their own cell phones. It is no longer necessary or cost effective for MLC to provide live landline service to each dorm room.  Each room continues to be wired for a landline and students wishing to make use of that landline must provide their own phone and contract with Nuvera.

Cell Phones

Unless you supply the college with your cell phone number, we don’t have an effective way to contact you when necessary.  Of special concern are those instances when there is an emergency need to contact you.  If you plan to rely on your cell phone, please give the college your cell phone number.  We don’t have to publish it in the directory, BUT…IT IS ESSENTIAL THAT WE HAVE YOUR CELL PHONE NUMBER so that we can contact you in cases of emergency using our Honeywell Instant Alert Plus messaging system which can send computer generated voice and text messages alerting you to weather, intruder, fire and other emergencies.  We will pester you until we have your number!!! : )

Cable TV

  • Your room is provided with a jack to hook up to cable TV. You must provide your own TV.
  • Cable TV is currently included in room and board charges.
  • If you want additional cable channels you must contact our local cable company, Comcast.

Television can easily become an unhealthy distraction for a student whose first priority must be study and preparation.  Television has also become a vehicle for society to enter our homes and thinking with its unchristian baggage.  For these and other reasons, MLC students are urged to be especially judicious when it comes to their TV viewing. It may well prove the wisest practice to forego having a TV in your dorm room.


  • Washers and dryers are available in the dormitories—no coins are necessary to operate them.
  • There are locally owned laundromats in New Ulm accessible to students.
  • Sometimes individuals contract to do laundry for students. Check your bulletin boards.


The college does not permit students to store personal belongings on campus either during the school year or over the summer. We encourage students to take their belongings home over the summer, or make use of local storage facilities.   Items that are left in dormitories after the school year ends will be disposed of. 

If students wish to store belongings over the summer, the city of New Ulm has several vendors who are willing to make special summer arrangements with students at a modest fee.

PLEASE NOTE AND BE ADVISED that the college carries no insurance to cover the personal belongings of students. In the same regard the college bears no responsibility for lost, stolen or damaged items.


  • You may have a bicycle but may not store it in your room or in hallways!!!.
  • Bicycles are stored in space provided in each dormitory.
  • You should have a lock for your bicycle to protect it from unauthorized use.