Martin Luther College complies with Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 to serve students who have disabilities as defined by the Americans With Disabilities Act of 1990. Students accepted for admission are considered capable of meeting academic standards if reasonable accommodations can be made for their disability. It is the responsibility of students to provide written notification of the nature of the disability and the need for accommodations. Students must also provide results of formal testing and/or evaluation of the disability as well as historical documentation of having received accommodations in educational settings. The college may require additional testing or evaluation if the documentation is inadequate or older than three years with this cost borne by the student.

Step 1. Students file the notification of disability and the request for accommodations with the academic dean for the student’s area of study. The deans are the college’s Section 504 coordinators.
Step 2. Within ten (10) days of filing a notification of disability, the dean, director of the Academic Success Center, student and instructor(s) confer to develop reasonable accommodations. Responsibilities of the student as well as accommodations are outlined in this plan. Accommodations are designed to meet the individual needs of students, but they do not compromise curricular goals, performance standards, or course content.
Step 3. If students do not agree with the accommodation plan, an appeal may be made to the Vice President for Academics.
Step 4. Within ten (10) days of receiving an appeal, the Vice President for Academics will inform students, deans, and instructors of the final decision.

Note:  Students in need of academic considerations not related to a disability should contact the appropriate academic dean for advice.