Identification Cards

The IT Services office issues picture ID’s to each enrolled student. If you are a new student, ID’s are issued during new student orientation.  A new picture ID is issued to every student each year of their enrollment.  Times for returning student to have their pictures taken for new IDs will be announced.

Your ID admits you to the cafeteria, permits you to check out books from the library, and admits you to the dormitory. You must also present your current year ID card when cashing checks at the Reception Desk, when paying by check at the MLC Bookstore and when conducting business at IT Services.

A valid MLC ID card will also admit you (at no cost) to the swimming pool, fitness center and walking track at New Ulm’s Vogel Arena located immediately below the MLC campus on Center and Garden Streets.

If you lose your ID card….go to IT Services. They will deactivate your lost card so that it cannot be used to enter the dormitory or cafeteria.  A replacement card will be made and activated for you at a cost of $10.

If you damage your ID card, you will be required to purchase a replacement card, again, at a cost of $10. Defective cards will be replaced free of charge, but not damaged cards — so please take care of your card!!


Reactivation of a “found” card will be done for nominal fee.

Your previous year’s ID card will work on campus until you get your new card or until Labor Day – whichever comes first.


You are given a key for your dormitory room at the beginning of the year. Lost keys are to be reported immediately to your dormitory supervisor.  Students who lose their dormitory room key will be charged a $50 fee to cover the costs of replacement.

Possessing or using an unauthorized school key or electronic access device is a serious breach of trust and will result in a review of a student’s continued enrollment and referral to law enforcement agencies.

Any unauthorized entrance into campus buildings, tunnels or secured areas is trespassing and will be dealt with accordingly.