The Martin Luther College Student Senate is the student government of Martin Luther College. The Student Senate was organized in 1995. Its constitution was adopted in 1996.

The Student Senate is a forum for debate and decision making that fosters the Christian character of the college, informs and leads the student body, supports communication between the student body and the faculty, funds student organizations, and provides activities and entertainment for the college.

A four-member executive committee, four class presidents, and four senators from each class comprise the Student Senate. Elections for returning students are held each spring. Elections for first-year students are held each fall.

The Constitution of the MLC Student Senate


President: Seth Koelpin
Vice President: Justin Schroeder
Secretary: Alexandra Dabe
Treasurer: Josiah Loersch

Fourth-year Representatives: Matthias Borgwardt, Michael Friesenegger, Jonas Landwehr, Kristin Uher, Abel Bain (Class President)

Third-year Representatives: Jenna Boggs, Juan Escobar, Benjamin Hillmer, Noah Ungemach, Samuel Eickhoff (Class President)

Second-year Representatives: Josiah Koelpin, Lydia Krenke, Nathan Pausma, Noah Uhlenbrauck, Jake Vilhauer (Class President)

First-year Representatives: Justus Borgwardt, Joshua Kehren, Isaiah Loersch, Anastasia Scharf, Matthew Curtis (Class President)

Facebook: @MLCStudentSenate

Instagram: @mlcsenate


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