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Email:  educator.licensure@education.ohio.gov
Website:  Out-of-State Licensure

If you are employed in an Ohio school, you may apply for a one-year out-of-state teaching license to allow time to complete the required Ohio licensure exam(s).  To be eligible for this license, you must hold a valid, standard out-of-state teaching license and have met all requirements for a standard Ohio teaching license except  for the Ohio licensure exams. You may only apply for the one-year out-of-state license at the request of your employing Ohio school.

Those that have completed an approved teacher preparation program  through an accredited college/university and have less than three years of teaching experience under a standard or professional out-of-state teaching license, apply for a four-year resident educator license.  Those that have taught under a standard or professional out-of-state teaching license for three years or more, apply for a five-year professional license.

Submit an application (OH|ID Account and CORE Applicant User Manual) and the following documents to be evaluated for the Ohio license.

  • Out-of-State Teaching License
  • Letter of Eligibility for a License (if not currently held)
  • Verification of Licensure Exams
  • Verification of Experience
  • Official Transcripts