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Website:  Teacher Certification

An out-of-state certificate holder will usually receive a Nebraska certificate or permit with one or more deficiencies.  Other than requiring that a person has completed an approved teacher education program in the other state, Nebraska also has requirements for a basic skills test, a content tests, a human relations class, fingerprint cards, and a special education class.  Applicants are given conditional fingerprint clearance, a temporary for human relations class or a provisional for basic skill test, content test, or special education class.

The following documents are required from an out-of-state applicant.

  • Application completed online & fee
  • Official transcripts showing completion of a teacher education program
  • Institutional Verification form
  • Completed fingerprint cards from the Nebraska State Patrol
  • Basic skills test passing scores or 2 years of verified teaching employment on the Employment Verification form
  • Content test passing scores for every teaching area that applicant has requested

The Applicant Manual will provide further instructions and necessary forms.