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Out-of-State Reciprocal License (Two-Years): Issued to individuals who graduated from an out-of-state university but do not hold a teaching license in another state. A transcript analysis is completed and a plan of study is developed for each individual indicating the coursework and testing needed. This license can be issued twice, so the educator has a total of four years to complete all requirements.

Interim Reciprocal Plan

Other State Educator License (OSEL).  A two or five year license issued to those applicants who hold and submit a valid teaching license received from an approved regular teacher education program from another state. If the applicant has not tested in the sending state and has been licensed after 2002 in that state, they will have two years to complete ND tests. The regular application will be submitted including official transcripts, completed background packet, a copy of your current teaching license from another state, and/or confirmation form or test scores. If you have completed an approved program, including student teaching, hold a license in another state and have met their testing requirements, there will be no additional requirements.

Confirmation of Other State Educator License

Additional Forms as needed