2018 Graduation Schedule for Graduate Faculty

On graduation day, both on-campus and adjunct graduate faculty participate in the graduation ceremony in their full regalia.

Faculty – Join Us for Graduation!

Graduation on May 12, 2018, is an exciting time at Martin Luther College, and all graduate faculty members are invited to participate. Special events include participation in the graduation ceremony, reception of the master’s graduates, the evening banquet, and a special graduate faculty conference. Travel costs for adjuncts are covered by MLC, and spouses are welcome. […]

Online Tool Makes Tracking Program Progress Easy

MLC graduate students and their advisors can quickly check their progress, noting which courses are still left in their program plan.

Successfully Guide Your Advisees to Completion

We believe the secret to your advisees’ successful completion of their master’s degrees involves not only hard work on their part, but also a good deal of planning from beginning to end. Our students have many questions about selecting courses, scheduling courses, completing their degrees, applying for graduation, and attending graduation. As their advisors, you are […]

21st-Century Principal Cohorts

Martin Luther College is working with the Commission on Lutheran Schools (CLS) and the Conference of Presidents (COP) to train cohorts of veteran teachers to serve as principals. This effort is new in two ways. First, cohort participants will be fully trained before becoming a principal. Second, cohort completers will be called to schools that […]

Graduate Studies Welcomes Two New Professors

Graduate studies will be adding two new courses spring semester, EDU5110 High-Impact Instruction taught by Dr. Kristina Rouech and EDU5322 Development of Young Children taught by Dr. Julie Sallquist.

Advisor Tips: The Comprehensive Exam

Advisees  in the MS in Education program will seek guidance if they desire to complete their program with the comprehensive exam. (The comprehensive exam is not an option for MS in Educational Administration students.) Advisors themselves often have questions about the purpose and procedures of the exam. Guidelines have been developed to help the advisor […]

Help Your Advisees Understand the IRB

Every student who wishes to complete a capstone project MUST submit an IRB application along with his or her capstone proposal to the Director of Graduate Studies. The detail to which the IRB application is completed is determined by whether human subjects are involved in the research. As appropriate within courses and when advising for […]

Improve Collaboration with the Big Blue Button

What is the Big Blue Button? It is a tool that MLC supplies to faculty members to facilitate face-to-face, real-time collaboration and contact in their classes.  The Big Blue Button allows multiple users to video conference and share presentations and documents. Up to twenty people can log on at a time. Build it into group-work, […]

Entering Course Grades

Course grades need to be entered into the MLC Portal prior to a specific date each term. You don’t need to enter all grades for your course at the same time. If you wish to change a grade after it has been entered, you will need to contact the Records Office. To enter grades . […]

Graduate Faculty – We Need Your News!

Have you been recently published? Have you been asked to speak at a conference? Or to give a presentation? Did you receive and new licenses or certifications? How are you continuing your education? Do you know of any opportunities that your fellow staff members should be aware of? Any recent accomplishments outside the classroom? Any […]

Access to Mental Measurements

Here are a few different options for students and faculty to use for access to Mental Measurements Yearbook. (Off-campus users should begin their sessions by logging in to the MLC Portal, which then should provide access to the library’s online resources.  They can use the Library link on the portal or navigate directly to the […]

Opportunities to Publish

At its May 2014 conference, the graduate faculty discussed the need to provide opportunities for our faculty and students to write for a larger audience. Dr. Abrego mentioned that Cabell’s Directories can be useful for finding publications that may match our or our students’ work. Some new MLC-sponsored outlets for publishing will soon be available. […]

Continuing Education for Faculty

A high-quality program requires high-quality instruction. Several graduate faculty members have communicated with me recently about things they are doing to improve themselves as instructors. The graduate faculty is encouraged to look for ways to improve instruction and grow in knowledge and understanding. If you find a book, workshop, or other opportunity to expand your […]

MLC’s Credit Hour Policy

MLC has a credit hour policy that has implications for every course – including online graduate courses. Newly adopted federal regulations and Higher Learning Commission policies necessitate MLC specifying common practices and documenting them in course syllabi. This policy affects every MLC course instructor. Please read on to see how if affects you. In compliance […]