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Graduate Studies Are . . . Real!

College students often feel like they are waiting for REAL life to begin. Sometimes one sits in class and wonders, “What’s the point? Will I really ever use this in the REAL world? If only I could just be done with classes and do REAL ministry!”

Two Hats—One Program

Zach Seeger (’05, ’22) wears two hats. At Abiding Peace in Simpsonville, South Carolina, he carries a full load of administrative duties and teaches a full classroom of sixth and seventh graders. He’s a principal who teaches. So it was important to him that his master’s program increase his skills in both areas of his […]

A Master’s Degree that Fits His Ministry Needs—Today and Tomorrow

When Donovan Waege MLC ’21 began his ministry last summer at Christ Lutheran School in Eagle River, Wisconsin, his duties expanded quickly. In addition to teaching grades 5-8, as assigned, he also found himself in the unofficial role of technology director. Using his own natural interest in technology, coupled with the training he’d received in […]

Interpreting the Word—

Professor Paul Wendland calls it “the most bizarre night” he’s ever had. He was a parish pastor, and someone called him and asked, “Are you a Lutheran pastor? Why don’t you come down here and talk to this guy? He’s a Lutheran, and he just committed suicide.” When Pastor Wendland got there, he saw the […]

Serving Students with Special Needs

In recent years, Lutheran schools have been serving and seeking to serve more students with special needs. With the start of the Wisconsin Special Needs Scholarship Program, many Lutheran schools in that state are expanding their services to special needs students, and many other schools all over the country are expanding their special education and […]

Theology Is For Everyone

Why would a professor with her PhD in math go back to school and pursue another degree . . . a degree outside her field . . . a degree in theology? We wondered too. So we talked to Dr. Kristi Meyer (pictured), a calculus professor at Wisconsin Lutheran College. Dr. Meyer is a WLC […]