Special Education

Today’s teachers encounter a variety of student differences in the classroom. The special education emphasis prepares teachers to understand, identify, and plan appropriate strategies to help more students succeed. Graduate students can learn how to serve students with a variety of needs, including learning, behavioral, and communication.

MS in Education – Special Education emphasis (no license)

For Classroom Teachers

This program is designed for maximum flexibility with up to 21 elective credits. Such flexibility permits graduate students to customize their program to explore various areas of special education or other areas like instruction, leadership, educational technology, or theology.

MS in Education – Special Education emphasis (with MN Learning Disabilities licensure)

For Those Desiring to Serve as Special Education Teachers

This program leads to Minnesota learning disabilities licensure. Graduate students in this program follow a prescribed set of special education courses, complete an internship, and take two state-required licensure tests. LD licensure also requires a MN teaching license, which may be obtained through our post-baccalaureate licensure program.

Planning YOUR master’s program is as easy as 1, 2, 3.

  1. Print your program plan.
  2. Pick the electives that match your ministry by reading the course descriptions.
    MLC graduate students may select half of their courses from outside their emphasis. The course descriptions will help you know which ones best match your varied responsibilities and interests.
  3. Fit the courses into your schedule according to the course calendar.
    The Long-Term Course Calendar lets you see when courses are offered so you can plan to take courses when it’s convenient for you. Complete your program in as little as two years (instruction or leadership), through summers only (leadership), or by spreading it over seven years.