Fall (August 24 – December 11)

3-credit coursesInstructor
EDT5001 Enhancing the Curriculum with TechnologyRachel Feld
EDT5004 Coordinating Technology in EducationGail Potratz
EDU5002 School as a Learning CommunityJohn Kolander
EDU5006 Foundations of MinistryLawrence Olson
EDU5102 Integrating the Language ArtsJonathan Roux
EDU5109 Designing Classroom InstructionKristina Rouech
EDU5309 Leadership for ChangeJohn Meyer
EDU5311 The PrincpalshipLowell Holtz
EDU5312 School LeadershipTimothy Plath
EDU5321 The Early Childhood Director as LeaderRobert Klindworth/Rachel Burgess
SPE5202 Diagnosis and Assessment of Students with Special NeedsDaryl Hanneman
SPE5207 Behavioral and Emotional DisabilitiesDennis Gulzinski
1-credit courses
EDU5903 Observation and ConferencingJohn Meyer/Rachel Pierson
EDU5904 Coaching in Complex SituationsJohn Meyer/Rachel Pierson
EDU5905 Using Data to Inform InstructionJohn Meyer/Rachel Pierson

Spring (January 6 – May 7)

3-credit coursesInstructor
EDT5003 Multimedia TechnologiesRichard Baaken
EDT5005 Teaching OnlineJames Grunwald
EDU5003 Curriculum Design and ImplementionRyan Rathje
EDU5103 Improving Instruction in Mathematics and ScienceJames Carlovsky
EDU5110 High-Impact InstructionKristina Rouech
EDU5304 School LawRobert Klindworth
EDU5322 Development of Young Children
Julie Sallquist
SPE5206 Teaching Children with Learning Disabilities (with Clinical)Alanna Lienig
SPE5213 IEP Process and Professional Practice (This course will be taught in spring semester instead of summer.)Alanna Lienig
1-credit courses
EDU5906 Designing Effective InstructionJohn Meyer/Rachel Pierson
EDU5908 Understanding, Supporting, and Facilitating a Professional Development PlanJohn Meyer/Rachel Pierson

Summer 2021 (June 7 – July 30)

3-Credit CoursesInstructor
EDT5006 Designing and Constructing Online CoursesJames Grunwald
EDT5007 Google Technologies in Education
Rachel Feld
EDT5008 Leading Technology Professional DevelopmentLyn DeLorme
EDU5001 Issues in Education
Jason Lowrey
EDU5005 Foundations of Educational ResearchJohn Meyer/Paul Tess
EDU5010 Diversity Issues in Education
Carrie Pfeifer
EDU5106 Assessment of Learning and InstructionCindy Whaley
EDU5301 Educational Leadership
Dan Johnson
EDU5308 Leading the School CommunityJohn Meyer
EDU5310 School Business AdministrationJeff Lemke
EDU5312 School LeadershipTim Plath
EDU5324 Legal and Ethical Issues in Early ChildhoodRobert Klindworth/Rachel Burgess
SPE5201 Educating the Exceptional LearnerDaryl Hanneman
SPE5208 Teaching Reading and Mathematics to Students with Disabilities (This course will be taught in summer semester instead of spring.)Leslie Rogers
1-Credit CoursesInstructor
EDU5901 Instructional MentoringJohn Meyer/ Jon Schaefer
EDU5907 Conditions for Equitable InstructionJohn Meyer/ Jon Schaefer

Fall 2021

3-Credit CoursesInstructor
EDT5002 Emerging TechnologiesJason Schmidt
EDU5105 Improving Instructional MethodologyGene Pfeifer
EDU5107 Cognitive PsychologyKristen Strong
EDU5111 Teaching Social Studies in an Inclusive ClassrooomKari Muente
EDU5302 Supervision of Instruction
Jeff Wiechman
EDU5309 Leadership for ChangeJohn Meyer
EDU5323 Early Childhood Curriculum
John Meyer
EDU5308 Leading the School CommunityJohn Meyer
SPE5204 Diagnosis and Remediation of Reading DifficultiesCarrie Pfeifer
SPE5209 Learning Disabilities and Emotional/Behavioral DisorderRachel Youngblom
1-Credit CoursesInstructor
EDU5903 Observation & ConferencingJohn Meyer/ Jon Schaefer
EDU5904 Coaching in Complex SituationsJohn Meyer/ Jon Schaefer
EDU5905 Using Data to Inform InstructionJohn Meyer/Jon Schaefer