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Award-Winning Professor Dr. Cindy Whaley to Teach EDU5106

Graduate students enrolled in Assessment of Learning and Instruction for second semester will study under the course’s new professor, Dr. Cindy Whaley. Those who have taken Dr. Whaley’s courses, at either the undergrad or graduate level, are familiar with her enthusiasm for teaching and her dedication to literacy. “I love everything about teaching,” she says. […]

Tom Plitzuweit

Effective Leaders Make Others Better In both his words and his ministry, Tom Plitzuweit captures a foundational premise of leadership: “A big part of being a leader is to help those around me get better.” In all the leadership calls he has filled, he has devoted himself to making those around him better. That’s why […]

Successfully Guide Your Advisees to Completion

We believe the secret to your advisees’ successful completion of their master’s degrees involves not only hard work on their part, but also a good deal of planning from beginning to end. Our students have many questions about selecting courses, scheduling courses, completing their degrees, applying for graduation, and attending graduation. As their advisors, you are […]

Do You Know the Secret to Success?

We believe the secret to successfully completing your master’s degree involves not only hard work on your part, but also a good deal of planning from beginning to end. Our master’s programs require you to complete 36 credits of study. There is a great deal of flexibility in how and when you complete those credits. […]

Professor Julie Sallquist: Passionate About Early Learning

It was volunteering at homeless and domestic abuse shelters that really fueled Julie Sallquist’s passion for early childhood education. Her graduate work and early career at Arizona State University had been focused on promoting children’s positive development through research. But applying that research to education settings is what really motivates her. As a volunteer with […]

Meet Graduate Student Andrea Van Sice ’14

In May 2014 you might not have chosen Andrea (Biedenbender) Van Sice as the most likely person to enroll in MLC’s master’s program. She’d just wrapped up her undergrad papers and exams, accepted her diploma, and turned her tassel. She’d just been assigned to Nebraska LHS. She was engaged to be married the next summer. Because […]