YOU Can Be a Graduate Student!

Keely Prekop

Now is the time to start planning to get your master’s degree. Some students begin their graduate studies right away. Others, like Keely Prekop, get a year or two of experience first. Both timelines are great! The important thing is that you are interested in learning and improving.

Admittedly, it’s hard to think about being a graduate student when you haven’t even graduated. Recently, some MLC seniors told me they thought that “master’s degrees are for those who are just really into teaching or want to teach in the public schools.”

But that’s not true. For a Christian teacher, continuing your education is about being faithful to one’s calling. There is no way to learn everything about teaching in college, and learning about teaching means so much more when you have some actual experience. How many times in class did you hear someone begin an insightful comment with, “When I was student teaching . . . ” or “When I was in my clinical . . .”?

During your upcoming Transitions Seminar, Dr. John Meyer, director of Graduate Studies, will talk to you about MLC’s master’s program. He will also give you a letter you can redeem for 10% off all tuition related to your master’s degree if you enroll within two years of receiving your undergraduate degree.

Enroll in one of MLC’s master’s programs and become a leader in your school!

21st-Century Principal Cohorts

Martin Luther College is working with the Commission on Lutheran Schools (CLS) and the Conference of Presidents (COP) to train cohorts of veteran teachers to serve as principals. This effort is new in two ways. First, cohort participants will be fully trained before becoming a principal. Second, cohort completers will be called to schools that […]

Adjuncts Expand MLC Grad Students’ World

MLC graduate students learn from experts in their fields. In addition to 11 on-campus faculty members, graduate students have access to 30 adjunct faculty members. Adjuncts are WELS members who serve MLC’s graduate program on a part-time basis, bringing their unique perspectives and experience to help our students grow beyond the walls of MLC.

Graduate Studies Welcomes Two New Professors

Graduate studies will be adding two new courses spring semester, EDU5110 High-Impact Instruction taught by Dr. Kristina Rouech and EDU5322 Development of Young Children taught by Dr. Julie Sallquist.

Which MLC Professors Teach Graduate Courses?

Twelve MLC faculty members serve on both the undergraduate and graduate faculty. Like all MLC faculty members, they have real ministry experience. They also have gained additional expertise through advanced study and have a terminal degree (doctorate) or are near completion of such a degree.

Graduate Studies Are . . . Real!

College students often feel like they are waiting for REAL life to begin. Sometimes one sits in class and wonders, “What’s the point? Will I really ever use this in the REAL world? If only I could just be done with classes and do REAL ministry!”