Fourteen MLC faculty members serve on both the undergraduate and graduate faculty. Like all MLC faculty members, they have real ministry experience. They also have gained additional expertise through advanced study.

The on-campus graduate faculty members are as follows:

Dr. James Carlovsky• Improving Instruction in Mathematics and Science
Dr. Ben Clemons• Classroom Management
Prof. Rachel Feld• Technology and Universal Design for Learning
• Enhancing Curriculum with Technology
• School Technology Infrastructure
Dr. Kelli Green• Transition Planning and Collaboration in Special Education
Dr. Tim Grundmeier• Lutheranism in America
Dr. Robert Klindworth• School Law
Dr. Martin LaGrow• Issues in Educational Technology
Dr. Robert Martens• School Technology Infrastructure
Dr. John Meyer• Foundations of Educational Research
• Early Childhood Curriculum
• Leadership for Change
Dr. Kari Muente• Technology and Universal Design for Learning
Dr. Lawrence Olson• Foundations of Ministry
Dr. Mark Paustian• Christian Apologetics
Dr. Jonathan Roux• Integrating the Language Arts
• A Balanced Approach to Reading Instruction
Dr. Jon Schaefer• Cognitive Psychology
• Instructional Mentoring
• Observation & Conferencing
• Coaching in Complex Situations
• Using Data to Inform Instruction
• Creating Conditions for Equitable Instruction
• Understanding, Supporting, and Facilitating a Professional Development Plan
Dr. Keith Wessel• Systematic Theology
Dr. Cindy Whaley• Assessment of Learning and Instruction
Dr. Jeffery Wiechman• Supervision of Instruction
Dr. Rachel Youngblom• Diagnosis and Assessment of Students with Special Needs
• Communication Disabilities
• Learning Disabilities and Emotional Behavior Disorders