Graduate studies will be adding two new courses spring semester, EDU5110 High-Impact Instruction taught by Dr. Kristina Rouech and EDU5322 Development of Young Children taught by Dr. Julie Sallquist.


Dr. Kristina Rouech

Along with being an MLC adjunct graduate faculty member, Dr. Rouech also serves as assistant professor at Central Michigan University, teaching graduate and literacy courses. She completed her PhD in reading and language arts from Oakland University in Rochester MI. Her dissertation focused on the questions that upper elementary teachers asked their students during whole-group read-alouds.

Dr. Rouech’s course explores research-proven teaching strategies to increase student engagement and retention of course knowledge at all levels, using the work of Robert Marzano and others. Participants will identify and use effective instructional strategies to build a cohesive unit for any grade level or content area. Dr. Rouech is “excited to help students identify and use the strategies in their current teaching position or look at ways of implementing the strategies in future teaching positions.”

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Dr. Julie Sallquist

Dr. Julie Sallquist earned her PhD in psychology with an emphasis in child development from Arizona State University. She is a former assistant research professor and Sanford Fellow in the School of Social and Family Dynamics at ASU. Her studies and research during graduate school focused on the social and emotional development of young children, with an emphasis on positive development. She has over 20 years of experience working with children and “is very passionate about promoting children’s positive development.”

Dr. Sallquist’s course is designed to deepen students’ understanding and knowledge of current research and theories related to four main developmental domains: (a) positive self-concepts, (b) emotional development, (c) social development competence, and (d) executive functioning. Students will have the opportunity to generate training programs that help staff foster children’s development in these domains. Additionally, students will investigate children’s development through live classroom observations and critically think about their findings.

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