College students often feel like they are waiting for REAL life to begin. Sometimes one sits in class and wonders, “What’s the point? Will I really ever use this in the REAL world? If only I could just be done with classes and do REAL ministry!”

Graduate studies are different. Teachers enter them looking for answers to their most pressing problems, and the courses address the real, everyday ministry and classroom situations teachers face. As graduate Annie Gumm stated, “The program exceeded my expectations. I learned even more than I’d hoped. I’m extremely grateful for the time and effort the professors put into making their courses applicable to everyday teaching situations. The program forced me to reflect deeply and constantly on what I was doing in my classroom and why. Through studying best teaching practices and connecting with amazing teachers and professors from around the world, I became a more confident teacher with a plethora of ideas and tools for my classroom and school.”

Stop by my office for a short visit. I’d love to discuss with you your future and how a graduate degree or some other form of continuing education can help you faithfully minister to God’s people.

Dr. John Meyer