Graduation day will soon be here! Finally, some of the mystery that surrounds God’s plan for your future will begin to be revealed. Some of you will receive a call into ministry, some will proclaim the gospel in international missions, some will marry, and some will serve in still other ways.

With new adventures come new challenges, and soon you will desire to hone your skills and improve your service by furthering your education.

You will be confronted with many options to continue your learning. A master’s degree from MLC may be a good fit. Here’s why!

  1.  MLC is the WELS College of Ministry. MLC understands the demands and challenges of ministry, and its program is specifically designed to meet those needs.
  2.  The master’s degree program takes you beyond the boundaries of MLC. Our graduate students learn from 33 adjunct professors who bring their unique perspectives to their lessons. Our 12 on-campus professors have received advanced degrees and are recognized as experts in their fields.
  3.  The program is wherever you are. WELS teachers from around the world are getting their degrees because the program is online.
  4.  The program is flexible. Our students design their program around their busy called worker and family schedules. They take semesters off when they are coaching or take courses only in summers.
  5.  The program is affordable. We recognize the limits of called worker and congregational finances.

Plan a potential program today!