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Adjuncts Expand MLC Grad Students’ World

MLC graduate students learn from experts in their fields. In addition to 11 on-campus faculty members, graduate students have access to 30 adjunct faculty members. Adjuncts are WELS members who serve MLC’s graduate program on a part-time basis, bringing their unique perspectives and experience to help our students grow beyond the walls of MLC.

Meet 2016 Graduate Jessica Zahrt

Something few people know about Jessica (Rozek) Zahrt is that she’s a twin. Jessica’s twin sister has some cognitive disabilities, and, growing up, Jessica saw how other kids sometimes picked on her. Maybe that’s why Jessica is the teacher she is today, one who not only molds little minds but also massages little hearts with […]

Which MLC Professors Teach Graduate Courses?

Twelve MLC faculty members serve on both the undergraduate and graduate faculty. Like all MLC faculty members, they have real ministry experience. They also have gained additional expertise through advanced study and have a terminal degree (doctorate) or are near completion of such a degree.

Sponsor an MLC Satellite Course

By completing your master’s degree, you are a leader in the teaching profession. One of your roles as a leader is to promote continuing education among your colleagues. Might you do so by sponsoring an MLC satellite course in your area? Sponsoring a course is easy. Select a course that has what your colleagues want. […]

Advisor Tips: The Comprehensive Exam

Advisees  in the MS in Education program will seek guidance if they desire to complete their program with the comprehensive exam. (The comprehensive exam is not an option for MS in Educational Administration and MA in Theological Studies students.) Advisors themselves often have questions about the purpose and procedures of the exam. Guidelines have been […]

Professor Jon Roux

It’s all about the books. As a grade 1-8 teacher for 13 years and a college education professor for eight years, Professor Jon Roux DMLC ’95 has loved teaching and talking about books. But books are just the start. Really, he loves language arts in general—that broad content area containing everything from reading comprehension to […]

Alumni Updates

What’s up? The MLC graduate studies program is interested in knowing how God is blessing your life and ministry. Please send stories and photos. Your stories and ministry updates are interesting to other master’s alumni and provide encouragement to undergraduates and potential students. Your stories of ministry struggles or successes reinforce to others that master’s […]

Graduate Studies Are . . . Real!

College students often feel like they are waiting for REAL life to begin. Sometimes one sits in class and wonders, “What’s the point? Will I really ever use this in the REAL world? If only I could just be done with classes and do REAL ministry!”