“Still So Much to Learn”

Why One MLC Grad Started Her Master’s Program Right After Graduation Tassia-Channel Wolf, assistant principal at Grace Lutheran School in St. George, Grenada, calls it a heart story. It began when a student with special needs enrolled at Grace a few years ago. Tassia did a deep dive into instruction and assessments, and then put […]

Jarred Beduze: Principal in the Making

Strong Lutheran schools need strong principals. Leaders who set the bar high for student achievement. Who create a Christ-centered culture. Who cast longterm visions for the future of their school and simultaneously handle the day-to-day details. Who supervise instruction, create a budget, and implement a marketing plan—all while maintaining meaningful relationships with faculty, parents, and […]

A Master’s Degree that Fits His Ministry Needs—Today and Tomorrow

When Donovan Waege MLC ’21 began his ministry last summer at Christ Lutheran School in Eagle River, Wisconsin, his duties expanded quickly. In addition to teaching grades 5-8, as assigned, he also found himself in the unofficial role of technology director. Using his own natural interest in technology, coupled with the training he’d received in […]

Theology Is For Everyone

Why would a professor with her PhD in math go back to school and pursue another degree . . . a degree outside her field . . . a degree in theology? We wondered too. So we talked to Dr. Kristi Meyer (pictured), a calculus professor at Wisconsin Lutheran College. Dr. Meyer is a WLC […]

Meet Chelsee Earley: Finding the Right Fit at MLC

Chelsee Earley knew what she was looking for. As she researched online master’s programs, she wanted a personal experience, one where she could really interact with the professors. Her friends had told her that their programs were impersonal—just a matter of “checking boxes.” She wanted a relationship with her professors and peers. She also wanted […]

Eric Wolf: Because the Word Works!

Eric Wolf ’13 knows the Word of God works, and he’s committed to leading, pulling, and pushing the middle schoolers he teaches deeper into that Word. So he recently decided he wants to go deeper into Scripture himself—through MLC’s Master of Arts in Theological Studies (MATS).

A Passion for Leadership in ECE

The children at the WELS preschool in Raleigh, North Carolina, would never guess that Mrs. Kiecker, the teacher they love so much, never planned on teaching preschool. But early childhood education  (ECE)—and becoming a leader in ECE—is now her passion.

Nicole Lehman

Even as an upper-level math instructor, Nicole Lehman ’10 sees the need to increase and improve her teaching techniques for students with learning difficulties. That’s what led her to the special education emphasis in MLC’s Master of Science in Education program.

Meet Graduate Student Andrea Van Sice ’14

In May 2014 you might not have chosen Andrea (Biedenbender) Van Sice as the most likely person to enroll in MLC’s master’s program. She’d just wrapped up her undergrad papers and exams, accepted her diploma, and turned her tassel. She’d just been assigned to Nebraska LHS. She was engaged to be married the next summer. Because […]