We believe the secret to your advisees’ successful completion of their master’s degrees involves not only hard work on their part, but also a good deal of planning from beginning to end. Our students have many questions about selecting courses, scheduling courses, completing their degrees, applying for graduation, and attending graduation. As their advisors, you are the first person they contact when questions arise. That’s why the graduate faculty has decided it would be beneficial for advisors to check in with their advisees every March to see how they’re doing.

To assist you in guiding your advisees, we have included a great deal of information on our website. The most informative page on our Graduate Studies Site is the Policies and Information page. There you will find . . .

  • Graduate Studies Bulletin
  • Long- and Short-Term Course Calendars
  • Tuition and Financial Aid Information
  • Degree Completion Information
  • Library Resources

We encourage you to bookmark the Policies and Information page so it’s at your fingertips whenever a question arises.