All graduate students must be enrolled in a course to maintain active status. EDU6999 and THE6999 Continued Graduate Studies have been created for students who otherwise do not plan to take a course. This policy change enables MLC to more accurately serve graduate students and track their progress.

Graduate students must be enrolled in a Martin Luther College graduate-level course during the fall (semester 1) and spring (semester 2) to maintain active status. This includes the semester they graduate. Enrollment in the summer (semester 3) is not required. Students not earning credit in a given fall or spring semester through an MLC graduate-level course can maintain active status by enrollment in EDU6999 or THE6999 Continued Graduate Study.

There is no charge for EDU6999 or THE6999, and students may take the course up to four times consecutively. Students not enrolling in a fall or spring course will be dropped from the graduate program.

Please Note: EDU6999 and THE6999 are considered active status for MLC’s purposes only. If you are receiving financial aid, EDU6999 and THE6999 are not considered active courses.