Opportunities to Publish

At its May 2014 conference, the graduate faculty discussed the need to provide opportunities for our faculty and students to write for a larger audience. Dr. Abrego mentioned that Cabell’s Directories can be useful for finding publications that may match our or our students’ work. Some new MLC-sponsored outlets for publishing will soon be available. Graduate faculty members are encouraged to lead the way, both as authors and in urging students and advisees, both past and present, to contribute. Here is one way you can write for the broader WELS educational and intellectual community.

blog photoIssues in Lutheran Education:  This is a blog that will be published two times each month. The purpose of this blog is to provide a platform for a professional conversation around issues that are important in Lutheran education. This blog is uniquely focused on educational issues as they occur within the Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod (WELS) and the Evangelical Lutheran Synod (ELS). However, these issues and discussions also apply more broadly to Lutheran education in other church bodies, and to Christian education in general.

The blog content addresses a variety of concerns, both spiritual and secular, that impact the instruction, learning, and culture within all levels of Lutheran education – from preschool through higher education. Discussion centers on topics such as gospel ministry, instruction, leadership, administration, operation, recruitment, retention, outreach, technology, standards, and financing.

Blog authors are educational leaders within the WELS and ELS. Faculty and adjuncts in WELS / ELS higher education, master’s degree graduates, graduate students, and those who hold offices of leadership in the synod are invited to write for this blog in areas of their expertise. Other educational leaders may submit article proposals. Proposals should be submitted according to the guidelines listed elsewhere on this page.

This blog is operated by the Office of Graduate Studies and Continuing Education for Martin Luther College, New Ulm MN. Martin Luther College is the College of Minstry for the Wisconsin Ev. Lutheran Synod, whose mission is to train a corps of Christian witnesses who are qualified to meet the ministry needs of the WELS and who are competent to proclaim the Word of God faithfully and in accord with the Lutheran Confessions and the Book of Concord.

Unsolicited submissions are considered for publication according to the following guidelines:

  1.  The blog must address a topic of interest and application to Lutheran education.
  2.  The blog must accurately represent commonly accepted research, knowledge, ideas, and/or practice.
  3.  Positions taken must agree with biblical principles and reasonable logic.
  4.  All claims must be substantiated and verifiable.
  5.  References and/or online links to supporting literature and research must be provided.
  6.  The blog is suggested to be more than 500 words, but must be less than 750 words.
  7.  The author must be involved with ministry within the WELS or ELS.


All submissions should be emailed to