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FAQ: Donate to the Library

Do you accept donations at the library, other than money?

The library may accept books, AV materials (DVDs, etc.), educational materials for the curriculum library, art, and other unique items or collections.

What guidelines should I consider if I want to donate to the library?

Please consider how the items will fit in the library’s collection, what use they might serve, how they will serve the library’s purpose, and the amount of space the donation might require.

Will I be able to claim an amount on my tax forms as a charitable contribution?

Yes; however, the IRS has established very specific rules, which the library and giver must follow in order to claim such a tax deduction.

Who should I contact to make a donation?

Linda Kramer, MLC Library Director

What do you do with items donated to the library?

Donated items are checked for to see that they are in good condition, are not already owned by the library, and would be useful additions to the library collection.

What do you do with materials the library cannot use in its collection?

The library may attempt to sell some items through Amazon, or put items in an internal book sale or giveaway table.

I have some books; would you be interested in purchasing them from me?

Though this is not a usual practice, the library from time to time will purchase materials from an individual if they fit into the collection and funds are available.

Will my donation be publicly acknowledged? If so, how?

If the giver wishes, the gift may be acknowledged on the library website, on the college portal, or through one of the publications of the college.

* If you have any further questions, please contact us by:

Martin Luther College Library
1995 Luther Ct.
New Ulm, MN 56073