Active Status Required

All graduate students must be enrolled in a course to maintain active status. EDU6999 and THE6999 Continued Graduate Studies have been created for students who otherwise do not plan to take a course. This policy change enables MLC to more accurately serve graduate students and track their progress.

Online Tool Makes Tracking Program Progress Easy

MLC graduate students and their advisors can quickly check their progress, noting which courses are still left in their program plan.

Duane Vance: Public University Grad Thankful for MLC Master’s Program

Duane Vance can’t say enough good things about the Martin Luther College master’s program. “I never imagined what kind of impact the graduate studies program would have on our ministry here,” he says.

Master’s Program Receives Awards

The MLC Master of Science in Education degree is 11 years old. It has earned a reputation as a high-quality, affordable graduate degree among its students and WELS teachers. Others are starting to take notice. Recently, MLC’s graduate program earned the following awards.

To-online-education-masters-gogradTop Online Master’s in Education

Martin Luther College is ranked 18th in the nation for online master’s degrees in education by Go Grad, a portal for online graduate degrees. Click the icon at the right to learn more.


Top-Education-Degrees-Most-Affordable-2016-300x296Most Affordable Graduate Education Degrees

Martin Luther Colleges is ranked 9th most affordable master’s degrees in education. The website Top Education Degrees lists the 50 most affordable master’s degrees from small colleges. Click the icon at the right to learn more.